Alice in Wonderland

I had no idea what kind of design to do with the water decals I was reviewing and I ended up trying to do an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party thing??? Not sure it came across that well but I wasn’t sure what to do with those lace decals!
You can check out the full review below and remember to use the code FHX31for 10% off at BPS!

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Dissected, plastinated heart

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114v, Gospels, MS 58, Trinity College Dublin

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The World’s Oldest Crown

The crown was discovered in a remote cave in the Judaean Desert near the Dead Sea in 1961 among hundreds of other objects from the period. Known as the ‘Nahal Mishar Hoard’, more than 400 objects were discovered by Pessah Bar-Adon and his fellow Israeli archaeologists in the cave which became known as the ‘Cave of the Treasure’. The ancient relic, which dates back to the Copper Age between 4000–3300 B.C., is shaped like a thick ring and features vultures and doors protruding from the top. It is believed the crown played a part in burial ceremonies for people of importance at the time.


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The room in which Tsar Nicholas II and the rest of the Romanovs were murdered during the Bolshevik Revolution on July 17, 1918 -

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"If a weekend away coincides with your problem days, maybe you’d better bring a guitar along.  Or a tuba. Then you can always pretend you have to practice if you need some excuse for being off the beach, out of the swim."—Tampax ad, 1966 (via Vintage-Ads)

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